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What implications could caffeine have on exercise and performance?

Caffeine is synonymous with a boost of energy, but what are the implications of consuming it, in particular with regards to exercise and performance? There’s isn’t any conclusive evidence as yet regarding its effect on exercise and performance, but I’ve done my best to shed some light on this topic below.  What is caffeine and how does…… Continue reading What implications could caffeine have on exercise and performance?

Principle #1: Nutrition

When it comes to the topic of nutrition, there’s an abundance of information at our fingertips. In my experience, the trouble most people face when researching this topic is information overload; therefore, discernment is growing increasingly valuable. The irony, I guess, is that this is yet another post about nutrition! However, I want to be clear that I…… Continue reading Principle #1: Nutrition

The 5 principles of health

In this post I’m going to share what I believe to be the 5 principles of health, however, before I reveal them I believe it’s important to first define the term, health.   There are many definitions out there, but I believe CrossFit defines it best, “Increased work capacity, across broad time, modal and age domains.”   What is work capacity? “Work capacity is the ability to perform real…… Continue reading The 5 principles of health

Building stronger diet strategies

With regards to our diet, saying we want to ‘eat clean’ or ‘eat healthier’ is futile, in my opinion. Using intentional words such as ‘every time I dish up a plate of food, I’ll start with the vegetables’ or ‘I’ll put all my electronics away when I eat’ is far more effective, because statements like these provide us with an action, something that we can measure and hold…… Continue reading Building stronger diet strategies

What is abdominal fat a.k.a “belly fat” and is it important?

In this post I’m going explore abdominal fat, commonly referred to as “belly fat”. This is usually the type of fat that most people want to lose and is usually the type of fat most associated with potentially serious health risks.  How is fat distributed, and why does it matter?  People tend to carry fat…… Continue reading What is abdominal fat a.k.a “belly fat” and is it important?