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What implications could caffeine have on exercise and performance?

Caffeine is synonymous with a boost of energy, but what are the implications of consuming it, in particular with regards to exercise and performance? There’s isn’t any conclusive evidence as yet regarding its effect on exercise and performance, but I’ve done my best to shed some light on this topic below.  What is caffeine and how does…… Continue reading What implications could caffeine have on exercise and performance?

Is there any correlation between heart rate and fitness? 

220 – age = MHR. Look familiar?  It’s likely that anybody who exercises or has ever exercised will have seen or heard of this formula. It’s the standard formula for calculating the alleged maximum heart rate (MHR) of any given individual. In this post I’m going to delve into why I believe this formula is flawed. I’m also…… Continue reading Is there any correlation between heart rate and fitness? 

Principle #5: Relationships

The first four principles of health – nutrition, exercise, sleep and mindset shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anybody, but relationships is the principle that could, at first, appear to be out of place. In my preview of The 5 Principles of Health, I said that all 5 principles are interconnected. Relationships might not…… Continue reading Principle #5: Relationships

Principle #4: Mindset

Will Durant famously summed up a quote by Aristotle, “You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” There’s no denying that our habits are incredibly powerful, however, in order to change them I believe that we need to address the underlying belief.  If we are able to change the underlying belief, then…… Continue reading Principle #4: Mindset

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Principle #3: Exercise

We never know which task life may throw at us; therefore, I believe in preparing for the unknown and unknowable.  As a fitness professional, one of my jobs is to ensure that I prescribe the appropriate exercises at the appropriate intensity. You might think that a 17-year-old aspiring professional athlete’s program would look completely different to…… Continue reading Principle #3: Exercise