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10 Ways to speed up recovery after a workout

As a fitness professional, I specialise in helping people improve their long-term health. My clients typically exercise once per day, 3 – 6 times per week.  When we train, we actually get worse. For example, if I said run 1-mile as fast as you can, then, as soon as you cross the finish line, I say run another mile…… Continue reading 10 Ways to speed up recovery after a workout

Low-carb banana bread

I was feeling for a dessert of some sorts and came across this low-carb banana bread recipe on Diet Doctor. I was happy to try this recipe because all the ingredients were straightforward; the only tricky ingredient was the ripe bananas, however, I managed to find bananas on sale for half price because they were…… Continue reading Low-carb banana bread

Low-carb zucchini ciabatta

I found this recipe for low-carb zucchini ciabatta on Diet Doctor. This was the first time I attempted this recipe, and I was pleasantly surprised. A few things I learned from my first attempt: I weighed the zucchini’s (also known as courgettes) before shredding it. I used a cheese grater, but I’m sure the finer…… Continue reading Low-carb zucchini ciabatta

Divide & Conquer

In these posts you’ll find workouts that I’ve personally done/do, along with my scores. I only post part of the workouts – remember to always do a proper warm-up. If you attempt any of the workouts, please leave a comment with your score, and if you’re comfortable please also include as much of the following…… Continue reading Divide & Conquer

The 10 components of fitness

In this post I’m going to dive a little deeper into what I believe to be the 10 components of fitness: endurance; stamina; strength; flexibility; power; speed; coordination; agility; balance & accuracy.  Below is a brief description of each component:  Endurance: The ability of the body systems to gather, process and deliver oxygen.  Stamina: The ability of…… Continue reading The 10 components of fitness

Building stronger diet strategies

With regards to our diet, saying we want to ‘eat clean’ or ‘eat healthier’ is futile, in my opinion. Using intentional words such as ‘every time I dish up a plate of food, I’ll start with the vegetables’ or ‘I’ll put all my electronics away when I eat’ is far more effective, because statements like these provide us with an action, something that we can measure and hold…… Continue reading Building stronger diet strategies

Are you stabilising your core correctly?

When it comes to fitness, we appear to have become obsessed with numbers – how much can you squat? How much can you bench press? How many pull ups can you do in one minute? Technique, however, is often overlooked.  As a fitness professional I regularly measure and analyse my clients’ metrics as it forms a…… Continue reading Are you stabilising your core correctly?